Why Choose the FXi500 Pallet Changer?

Save on labourSave on labour setup costs
Easy to use automation means skilled tradesman are no longer required to change over pallets.

machiningLights out machining
Just load the system and walk away.

Easy accessEasy access for maintenance
Maintenance is made easy with a panel door at the top and man door at the bottom. Also equipped with a single access point for greasing.

Since we are the manufactures, we are able to customize the unit to your specifications, colour match or variations. We make it BOLT ON READY!

FXi500 Specifications

Payload Capacity :

500 KG

Machines Enslaved :


Pallet size (mm):

400x400, 500x500, 600x600

Storage Rack Options :

SSR has 3-6 stations / MSR has 6-12 Stations

1.2m reach on carrier extension

Delta Automation Controls

Check Out The FXi In Action

fxi pallet charger

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